Our actions will commence on the Kashubian area. We want to find there all the possible chapels, learn about their origin, find their authors and observe the role chapels play in the life of rural societies.

Everybody will be able to follow our route thanks to the MAP available on the Internet which will include the geographical coordinates of all objects, their photos and descriptions.

We will keep in mind and talk about the folk sacred architecture with the use of artistic photography, film and music. The innovative and multimedia EXHIBITION will present ‘the old’ in a ‘new’ way. It will tell us about the existence of today’s chapels – our ‘remnants of prayers’ – as well as show their underestimated and unique beauty.

As the conclusion of the project we will hand you over an ALBUM by Polish, Norwegian and Icelandic artists. We asked them to take photographic portraits of chapels seen from the angle of their own culture. Through the variety of methods such as digital photography, cyanotype or a black and white large format photography, the artists will present chapels in different seasons and parts of a day, panoramic or in details. These photographs will tell the story about people and their customs.

The project is realized in Norway and Iceland simultaneously. The actions undertaken are concentrated on such folk sacred architecture as farm churches (Iceland) and Stavkirke churches (Norway).