Within the Programme “Promotion Of Diversity In Culture And Arts” there will be implemented “soft” projects, aiming at broadening the cultural offer and diversity of presented artistic events, implemented within the partnership projects with Polish institutions and institutions from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The Programme will be implemented in cooperation between Ministry Of Culture and National Heritage and Arts Council Norway with the support of the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

Projects must fall within one of the four thematic areas:

  • artistic and cultural education;
  • cultural heritage, including tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as literature and archives;
  • music and stage arts;
  • fine and visual arts.

Types of projects eligible for co-financing within the call:

  • organisation of artistic events;
  • supporting cooperation and exchange of artists and artistic and cooperation of schools and universities;
  • collaboration of experts in the field of cultural heritage;
  • inter-institutional cooperation between cultural institutions and archives.

The support will be directed among others to: local government units, cultural institutions, artistic schools and universities, state archives, non-governmental organisations active in the field of culture.

The allocation of the Programme amounts to EUR 11 111 111, and the grant rate for projects within the Programme amounts up to 90% of total eligible expenditures of the project. Within the Programme, 70% of the allocation from the funds for projects implementation will be spent on support of large projects and 30% of the allocation – on support of small cultural exchange projects. Grant rate for small projects will be from 50 thousand euro to 150 thousand euro and for large projects from above 150 thousand euro to 1 million euro.

Source: materials available on the website of the Programme Promotion Of Diversity In Culture Ana Arts within European Cultural Heritage. www.eog2016.mkidn.gov.pl/