Their projects combine knowledge and experience of a museologist, educator, sociologist, ethnologist and an interior designer. The exhibitions are characterized by attention to museum objects and visitors’ needs, great educational potential and architectural and technical professionalism. They implement innovative exhibition aids that satisfy the needs of various target groups. They aim towards educational solutions being a permanent part of expositions and forms that lead to gaining knowledge through fun. In their projects they use tools that provoke reflection, support creativity and knowledge acquisition by referring to the intellect, emotions and individual experience of museum visitors. By applying new technologies they make it easier to communicate with visitors, especially the younger ones.
Previous exhibitions:

  • Mariano Fortuny Marsal (1838–1874). Ryciny, National Museum in Gdańsk, the Green Gate Department, 2013
  • Przestrzenie świętości. Kapliczki kaszubskie, National Museum in Gdańsk, Ethnography Department, 2012
  • Etnoinspiracje, National Museum in Gdańsk, Ethnography Department, 2011
  • Gerard Labuda, Museum of Kashubian Pomeranian Literature and Music in Wejherowo, 2009
  • Kaszubi a Gdańsk. Kaszubi w Gdańsku, Historical Museum of Gdańsk, 2008
  • Świąteczna opowieść. Boże Narodzenie na Pomorzu, National Museum in Gdańsk, Ethnography unit, 2007
  • Ulotność codzienności. „Pamiętnik rzeczy” z wiejskiego domu, Regional Museum in Krokowa, 2007