He has been a professional photographer for over 30 years, still being fascinated with this discipline. The same fascination he felt as a child when he first discovered its magic. Today there is also a new one – fascination with new technologies and endless possibilities beyond the scope of human perception. Accessibility to the new ways of recording image, movement and sound speed up the photography and at the same time disperse it through the present media.

Photography, if understood in a right way, gives us constant, broad and extremely interesting development. It continuously stimulates imagination and let us gain new experience and skills thanks to which we will be able to complete even the most demanding task.

For over 20 years he has also taken aerial photos mainly of the Pomeranian region, Tricity and especially Gdańsk – the city full of magnificent monuments and still not discovered places. An important experience in his life was the position of a press photo-reporter in the 90’s in daily, weekly and monthly newspapers e.g. the first post-war edition of daily ‘Gazeta Gdańska’. Since 1992 he has run his own Photo Agency Dariusz Kula Studio working with professional photography, including panoramic photography as well as film, sound and graphics. In his still increasing archive one can find photos from the last 30 years.
His motto is:
‘I haven’t taken the best photo in my life yet, and I hope I will never manage’.